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House Creek Creations is a family business run from our home. Our first project was to make a cover to protect the family room coffee table from destruction by our first child. Our goal was to provide some interest as well as entertainment for the whole family so we adorned the cover with game boards and pictures. Next we created our first growth chart and started making plaques to give as wedding gifts. Due to the amount of compliments and interest our first pieces garnered we started making items for sale. Since our game pieces were made with recovered tree branches from our property we decided to use the old name for our neighborhood in our name. So, from House Creek Township, House Creek Creations was born in 2008.

We utilise woodburning on our pieces and they are all hand painted and finished using kid safe and environmentally friendly products. Our game boards and plaques are made from Birch and Oak plywoods as well as Poplar. Our wooden game pieces are made from Poplar, Dogwood, River Birch, and Sassafrass recovered from our or our families properties.

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